माँ भगवती सेवा मण्डल (फूलोंवाली मण्डली)


Maa Bhagwati Sewa Mandal
Serving Maa Bhagwati without demands of Phal

With the Blessings of Maa Jhandewali Jee, Maa Bhagwati Sewa Mandal was formed on 3rd October 2005 by Mr. Viinod Arora. Maa Bhagwati Sewa Mandal is a group of Sewadars (Non Professionals), who are serving Maa Bhagwati with Sampurn Traditions without demands of Phal. We are willing to help the Indian Community and the people who worship Mother, all over the world by performing Meri Maiya’s Jagran and Chowki at minimum expenses. We allow worship with flowers only (not with cash/money), so that people also known us as “Phoolon Wali Mandli.” Jai Maa Jhandewali

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